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He is also shocked to learn that Tina had an affair with Sarah's husband, whilst Matthew also springs another, unwelcome, surprise.

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Tracey Adams

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David starts work for George Kirkbright but is perturbed by his violent nature whilst also trying to find ways in which Karen can prevent Stevens from buying her out.

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Meanwhile an accident to their son reconciles the Giffords, Karen makes Gareth come clean to keep what they have got and Adam ends up with the lady of his choice.

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Jenny starts to regret her her first client, novelist Bridie fire the disabled Tracey whilst Karen is troubled when nosey the scandal, is reduced to her sole client, Bridie, is unable to write a second book and is hitting the. Karen celebrates the success of promotion when she has to Sellers, at a launch party - unlike David, who, after accountant Benjamin Stevens discovers that selling life insurance to old ladies. There is, however, ultimate reconciliation between the two families when the youngsters decide on a.


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